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The Project Scope

Starry Night is a family-owned, community-driven cafe in the heart of Fort Collins, Colorado. Since opening in 1992, this iconic staple of Old Town Fort Collins has grown and expanded while maintaining its mission centered around service and quality. Chelsea and Justin Wells were looking to refresh Starry Night’s brand identity when they became the new owners of the beloved establishment. The brother and sister team had big dreams for the business and its visual identity, but wanted to honor its history. Together we developed a collection of logos and graphic elements, creating a layered system that feels like a storied yet modern brand. Paying homage to the cafe’s namesake, Vincent VanGogh’s Starry Night, the primary logo takes the conceptual elements of the painting and portrays them in a clean, modern aesthetic. To balance the brand’s more minimal primary mark, we developed an alternate script logo influenced by the linework of VanGogh that brings depth and character to the brand’s visual presence. 

The refreshed branding flexes across an array of applications – from retail store signage and tote bags to e-commerce platforms and ethically sourced coffee packaging – to portray a meaningful brand story through design. 

Starry Night Espresso Cafe

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