And that’s what I’m here to do – with honor and artistry, and equal parts creativity and order. 

We all deserve a helping hand to draw out our vital, driving essence to share with the world. Living and working with that kind of conviction? Wow, it carries some serious weight. The people you’re for and with will know it, see it, feel it – and my personal favorite, grow a meaningful relationship with you because of it.

I’ll raise a toast to that. Here’s to making our individual marrow known – together.

Truly substantial design chases your truth over trends.

At my core, I’m an intention seeker. 
I value chasing what matters most. A life of integrity & meaning; relationships & work of substance.

I'm Grace


So the concept for Marrow Design became even more pressing for me a couple years into navigating the fast-paced agency life. I craved a different way forward – honoring partnerships with soul-driven business owners, myself, and the honest designs pulled to the surface together. And I wanted to reclaim creative direction over my life, too. 

No, I needed to. 

Because up to that point, I had endured five brain surgeries in four years. A lot of pain, many victories. As soon as my husband Dan and I began growing our family (read: adopting our son Zion), things became clearer to me. I had to start walking the walk & talking the talk, taking hold of the life and career made for me.

Enter another pivotal season. Marrow Design came to light in April 2020.

And just one week later, we were pleasantly surprised to learn we’d be adopting our second child – our daughter Addie. 

Things haven’t slowed down since. My heart (and hands) grow fuller by the day. It’s more than what my younger self could’ve hoped and prayed for. I’m finally living at the intersection of the most important things to me: aligning my creative career to my marrow, loving my people well, and having full control to cultivate a life filled with passion and purpose.

And I want to help you do the same. What do you say we make your invisible visual?

Binging my favorite podcasts

Spending time in nature

A celebration of Australian architecture and design

Flipping through The Local Project's:10

Sources of Inspiration


Volume '23

And watching my children find wonder in the world.

Brewing Merit Coffee in my Chemex pour over

Propagating my plants & cultivating growth

Reconnecting to play & flow-state in my yoga practice

Listen to my "No Words Just Beat" playlist > 


Volume '23

Sources of Inspiration

Where you’ll find me on the weekend

Scouting out local Mexican food, soaking up quality time with my people, & taking a hot vinyasa yoga class

Fast Facts


What I love most about owning a business

The relationships I form & creative freedom I have over my schedule

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The #1 lesson we can take away from my house plants

We're growing even we can't see it

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What you’ll find at my desk on any given day

Empty Topo Chico bottles, a candle burning, & dry cappuccino 

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Let's create visuals that 


transcend trends