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Eden Plant Co. is an urban plant + coffee shop on mission to see the city of Houston connected to earth and community. 

I met Irving Chavez, the 3rd generation horticulturalist and founder of Eden, when I had just moved across the country. The environment of peace and restoration he created in his plant shop helped make Houston feel more like home. The dream of Eden grew out of Irving’s desire to honor his mother’s love for plants, and since its opening the shop has expanded to become a family business. Eden is on mission to empower local creators and see minority entrepreneurs thrive in this big city. Anyone who walks into Eden, which has now grown into not only a nursery but a coffee shop and thriving event space, is treated and honored like family. 

When we set out to refresh Eden’s branding, we knew it should feel grounded, warm, creative, and urban. We wanted to highlight the wonder that is lush greenery against a background of weathered concrete. The beauty and surprise of a thriving urban jungle less than a mile from downtown Houston. We took inspiration from the flow and form of Henry Matisse’s Cut-Outs to create a lively Monstera leaf and sun that break outside the boundaries of the square that attempts to confine them. Representing the boundless potential of a community empowered, this mark captures the heart of Eden Plant Co.

Eden Plant Co

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